Red Carpet Robot

Just when you thought your favourite people couldn’t shine any brighter…

We’ve brought Hollywood to Oz

Create magical moments that let fans and guests get amongst the red carpet action. Traditionally reserved for A-list stars, the Glambot has become a favourite icon of Hollywood red carpet events including the Grammy Awards and the Oscars. In a one-second movement, the star creates a stellar show motion performance to share immediately via broadcast or social media.

Our Red Carpet Robot uses the same Hollywood BOLT camera robot technology to capture the spirit of your guests and make them feel like superstars, with the option to share on social media.

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Key Features
  • Ultimate video selfie

  • Share to social media

  • Corporate branding of robot

  • Hollywood grade equipment

  • Fully mobile Australia wide

Red Carpet Robot

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering the Red Carpet Robot for your event you most likely have a few questions.

How much space does it require?

How many guests can take part?

Here's everything you need to know.

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