Red Carpet Robot

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up ready to film guests?

Typically around 3-4 hours depending on the location. This includes unloading from transport, setting up at location, programming / testing robot moves to suit the environment, and then making safe.

How long does a robot “glam-shot” go for with a guest?

The Robot’s move is all over within a few seconds. But because we shoot in super slow motion your final video will be around 10-15 seconds once we add graphics & music.

How much space does your setup require?

We recommended a flat area approximately 5×6 meters to allow for robot setup (one end) and guest placement (opposite end)

How many people can take part?

We recommend between 1-3 people for our standard moves, though we can customise moves quickly to cater for more people of course.

Do we need additional lighting?

Yes. Shooting slow motion footage requires more light – though just how much will depend on the location (ie, indoors vs outdoors). We can arrange all this for you. A note to consider however is that a phenomenon of recording high speed footage is that sometimes venue lighting can flicker on the slow motion playback, and although this is something that we cannot control, we will wok with you to minimise the effects of this.

Can we brand the robot?

Absolutely. We can brand the robot with your logo or your event branding.

Can I share my video on social media?

Of course! After you have had your video captured by the robot you’ll get an email or SMS with instructions on how to download your video. You can then post directly to social media.

Can I get a highlights video of my event?

Absolutely. We can create this on the night of your event or post event. Whatever suits you best!

Are you available for private events?

Yes we are. We are available for public, corporate & Private events.

What are the robot dimensions?

1.3m wide (min doorway clearance)

1.8m height

How do you access a location?

The Robot is transported to and from location in our truck. Bolt weighs 650kg and can be manually pushed on its four wheels by two people. It requires a flat even surface close to location. With the right team, it can be manoeuvred over uneven surfaces (including steps, cobble stone). If the venue has a forklift, the Robot can be transported to tricky locations with this also.

How much does the robot weigh?


What are robot’s power requirements?

A dedicated 32amp 415v three phase five pin connection provided to our location, either a location wall connection or a portable generator. We have 15m of 32amp cable to contribute to this connection run and will need to know in advance if we’ll need more cable. Any RCD breakers on the venue 3 phase power circuit will need to be disabled by an electrician or switched to a tolerance of 300mA as we cannot guarantee the robot will not trip the location power otherwise and fail to start up. In the case where RCD breakers cannot be disabled we can operate off a portable 3 phase generator. Please let us know if you need more information and we’re happy to assist you with the technical details here.

Do you have public liability insurance?

We sure do. $20,000,000

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