It’s the details that make perfection, but perfection is no small detail.

Camera Motion Control

Our BOLT robot and tracks are here to unleash your creativity. Dynamic and repeatable - every imaginable way you’ve dreamed of moving a camera is now possible.

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Phantom 4K

Our Phantom 4K super slow motion cinema camera delivers details so delicate and vivid they tingle the senses.

Shoot up to 1000 fps in 4K, or almost 2000fps in 2K in glorious 12bit RAW.

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We also assist teams & produce electrifying visual projects from concept through to completion.

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Red Carpet Robot

You've seen Glambot glitz up the red carpets of Hollywood and across Europe? We've brought it to here to Australia. Let your red carpet guests show off their style with the glitz and glamour they deserve!

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We’re available to help on any project

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