Cinebot Mini

Compact, portable & light-weight

Cinebot Mini

Record & replicate manual camera movements.

The Cinebot Mini mocobot is a compact motion control robot for high-end live-action shooting. Purpose-built for ease-of-use, and extremely portable, the lightweight system is designed to simplify shooting situations, on set, on location or in a studio, while still delivering professional-level motion control work.

Cinematographers can hand-hold the camera in various positions, and the robotic arm will record them. They can also push the track like a standard dolly, and this movement can be recorded and played back. Enjoy flexible control options, from direct handheld manipulation to simple control through a mobile device, with all information recorded in Flair.

Upgrade your filming experience with the Cinebot Mini, the ultimate tool for accessible and dynamic camera movements.

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Key Features
  • Max arm reach 1.3m

  • Max camera height 2.0m

  • Runs off domestic power

  • 10 hour battery unit

  • Camera payload up to 10kg

  • Manual hand-held control

  • 3 metres of track

  • Use as camera rig or model mover

  • Sync shutter with ARRI, RED & Phantom for perfect repeat moves

  • Automatic focus pulling, Zoom & Iris control

  • FBX Export

    Export FBX, import handheld camera motion & stream realtime camera data into Unreal Engine

  • Fully transportable Australia wide

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