BOLT Motion Control Cinebot

The Bolt High-Speed Camera Robot is the fastest of its kind

BOLT Cinebot

The fastest & most versatile cinema robot of it kind.

The BOLT cinema robot is our larger camera motion control system with extensive arm reach of 2 metres, and camera height of 3.2m. It adds entirely new perspective to filming whether it be used for feature film, commercials, tabletop work and television.

The industry standard BOLT cinema robotic arm and tracks can dynamically move a camera whilst simultaneously pulling focus and controlling zoom. And syncing directly with ARRI, RED or Phantom camera shutter means that repeatable moves create video plates that are pixel perfect when overlaid. We offer breathtaking cinematography unable to be created by any other filming method.

Designed and manufactured by Mark Roberts Motion Control in the United Kingdom, the BOLT Cinebot range is internationally recognised as being unsurpassed in the film industry.

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Key Features
  • Large High-speed or gentle speed robotic arm

  • Max arm reach 2.0m

  • Max camera height 3.2m

  • Automatic focus pulling, Zoom & Iris control

  • Sync shutter with ARRI, RED & Phantom for perfect repeat moves

  • Camera payload up to 20kg

  • 3x3m sections of track

  • Fast camera movement up to 5m/s

  • Fully transportable Australia wide

  • FBX Export

    Export FBX, import handheld camera motion & stream realtime camera data into Unreal Engine

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