BOLT Jr+ Cinebot

Small, portable and powerful.


Small, portable and powerful.

There is a reason the Bolt Jrn+ cinema robot won NAB 2021 product of the year – there is just no comparison to other robot camera systems when it comes to precision, camera sync and compact design.

The BOLT Jnr+ cinema robot is our compact version of BOLT Cinebot, making it the ideal choice when space is restricted. Just as fast and powerful with precision syncing to camera shutter, BOLT Junior has the added benefit of being lighter and able to roll through standard sized doorways and can be powered by domestic power. Making it the preferred rig for using in residential properties or when three phase power is not an option.

BOLT Jnr+ is the agile, high speed camera robot and has a camera payload of 10kg, the BOLT Jnr+ is perfect for taking on location and ideal for working in tight commerical studio spaces, tabletop, feature film and television.

BOLT Jnr+ has a reach of 1.4 metres and can be used as a camera rig or as a model mover.

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Key Features
  • High-speed or gentle robotic arm

  • Max camera height 2.5m

  • Max arm reach 1.4m

  • Sync shutter with ARRI, RED & Phantom for perfect repeat moves

  • Camera payload up to 12kg

  • 3-9 meters of track

  • Track speeds up to 5M per second

  • Used as camera rig or model mover

  • Fits through standard doorways & can run off domestic power

  • Fully transportable Australia wide

  • FBX Export

    Export FBX and stream realtime camera data

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