BOLT Cinebot

The fastest of it kind.

BOLT Cinebot

Capturing images in crisp focus with pixel precision and able to deliver completely repeatable moves, it offers breathtaking cinematography unable to be created by any other filming method.

Designed and manufactured by Mark Roberts Motion Control in the United Kingdom, the BOLT Cinebot range is internationally recognised as being unsurpassed in the film industry. 

The BOLT Cinebot is the larger model with extensive arm reach of 2 metres, it adds entirely new perspective to filming whether it be used for commercials, tabletop work, film and television.

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Key Features
  • High-speed or gentle robotic arm

  • Camera payload up to 20kg

  • Every move precisely repeatable with sync shutter

  • 3-9 meters of track

  • Track speeds up to 5M per second

  • Max camera height 3.2m

  • Arm reach 2m

  • Fully transportable Australia wide

  • FBX Export

    Export FBX and stream realtime camera data

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